Valeria DeCastro

has performed solo and in group in several countries for over 30 years including Brazil, Italy, Spain and Costa Rica.

In the Unite States since 1993, Valeria built her reputation playing opposite jazz and blues saxophonist Hakim Rahsul.

Valeria's blend of Bossa Nova and Jazz explores the deep roots of music from the Americas and reminds us how much the two genres influenced each other.

DeCastro performed with many noted international and local musicians such as Brad Smith, David Davila, Bruno Cabrera, Nelson Luiz de Oliveira, Alexandre Monteiro (Tico), Fabio Avelino, Azhar Saffar, Ze' Cule', and DJ Meli, Monika Herzig, Paulo Dias, and Travis Puntarelli among others.

In 2015, Valeria formed a duo with  Dena El Saffar (violin & viola).  The duo plays a diverse repertoire of Brazilian smooth jazz with sophisticated rhythms and improvisations.



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